Many of those who visit this site do not know exactly whats with this area, namely 3D graphics but I will explain this in a little overview.

 Interest in 3D graphics programs becomes even greater as they were better designed. Currently there are few leaders in the software market, competition between them is fierce.Is taken in consider all aspects : type , interface, existing documentation, ease of use, addressing, compatibility with other programs running on the operating system and, not least, price.This often makes the difference between professional programs (which end up costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars ) and the simple, with few features which are usually only used to achieve a limited sequence of actions.Many possibilities of this new field starts to be increasingly explored. The acceptance of the most drawers the element that will ensure the growth and development will be the internet. It will become in the coming years, a visual medium such as television, and hundreds of thousands of companies will require websites with quality graphics, animated presentations, virtual models of products, the graphics and 3D animation will be omnipresent.

 Increasingly more often, in most areas of activity, are used expressions containing the sequence "3D - three-dimensional." 3D graphics, sound is played back in 3D, clips advertising and special effects in movies are designed in 3D. Even cartoons are starting to leave behind the times by graphic image in which they were made ​​image on paper.Hundreds thousands of positions pencil was taken by computer and by professional 3D graphics programs. "3D Computer Graphics" is a new field that combines art and technology to become a whole, with multiple possibilities.Until recently, the main commercial target of 3D graphics were film industry and video games industry. Currently there are no movies that didnt used special effects generated wholly or fully by computer.The 3D thenology is becoming more accessible, always conquering new areas of use. 3D races from architecture to product design. Lifelike 3D Animation are used as a means of preparing for multimedia presentations of the products of the largest corporation international special effects and even virtual actors in film productions.

What is a 3D program ?

 3D graphics programs are computer programs (software packages) used to create graphics in three dimensions (3D). Workflow typically consists of several stages wich graphic studios use various programs to create 3D objects (actually only virtual objects or models programmed real objects, 3D) Movies (cinema, TV, video) and computer games. Other programs are also able to move the objects on the screen realistically, according to the need.3D animatios can be very obscure and difficult to learn, often to achieve a professional level requires to study manuals or even a teacher in the field. Most packages feature high-end and free simplified version designed to familiarize stakeholders with the program.

Well known 3D Programs.

  • Maya  It is a software application for modeling three-dimensional graphics and animation. Produced by Alias, but now in possession of Autodesk Media & Entertainment. It is widely used in the production of special effects in films, in animation and in production of computer games. Autodesk Media & Entertainment purchased the program on October 2005 after buying the company Alias ​​Systems Corporation.
  • Softimage|XSI  It is often considered the main competitor of Maya Its functions are similar to it. Fans of both packages argue the merits each of them. XSI was once the leader in animation, but remained behind the Maya, but today are trying to regain first place.
  • 3D Studio Max  Often abbreviated 3DS Max, it the "no.1" animation program in video game industry. Experts argue that the animation is very good with a number of objects low polygons, but perhaps his greatest asset for video and computer games industry is the wide range network support, and its many plug-ins. 3DS Max is also the most expensive of high-end packages, reaching $ 3,500 in US, compared with about $ 2,000 for the other. Due its presence in the video game industry, is so popular among hobbyist.
  • LightWave 3D  (NewTek) is a popular 3D package because its easy to learn his interface, many artists prefer this package rather than Maya or 3DS Max programs that are "technical". It has modeling capabilities and animation lower compared to larger packages, but whith all this, is widely used in film industry.
  • Houdini  (Side Effects Software) is a high-end package and he often could be found in production studios. Is usually used to animate visual effects, rather than patterns.
  • Cinema 4D  (MAXON) is a package smaller in scope that the other. Its main advantage is the ease in use by artists without extensive technical knowledge, because it avoids the complicated technical thing that the other packages.For example the "bodypaint", one of the popular plug-ins, allowing artists to draw directly on the surface texture patterns.

In what areas are they used ?

 All these graphics programs listed above are used in the film industry, creating car design, game industry and simulations in the automotive industry, the difference between them is quite small.When used in the film industry or automotive, often are used also for render animations for various sites ( realistic images ). Animation film is a film genre through animation characters or natural objects by shooting with frame by frame. Animation is the process complex by which the effect of motion its make frame by frame. The sequence of images that represent movement decomposition is done in many phases as needed after shooting frame by frame as to render the desired movement. With the decomposition of the movement, it seeks to give an artisitc interpretation that the artist is looking for. Depending on the producer willingness animation technique can use different techniques and procedures: design, cardboard cut out, dolls, needle display, engravings, objects, painting, plasticine, fluorescence, computer.There is a genre called animation combined with footage of real characters, a kind of film that filmed image separate real characters is combined with the image obtained by the animation.Movie animation had a great success in this industry, most popular animated films : Final Fantasy , Toy Story , Ice Age.

My Philosophy

When you have a talent you have to develop the ability to progress, or the talent will be wasted, but even if talent is not one of your strengths, with hard work you will get what you desire, work hard go pro.